Welcome to Electronics Repair Shop!

We have limited service booking slots and are currently ONLY accepting TECHNICS 1200 series Turntables for service/repair. Please contact us for enquiries about any other items. We favour other turntables or hi-fi amplifiers!

Items we are definitely NOT accepting for work at all:

  • DJ Mixers (unless you bring in Technics 1200’s at the same time)
  • Traktor S4 Controllers or any other DJ controllers
  • Tape Decks
  • Radiograms (our workspace is too small for these, perhaps we’ll work on them again one day)
  • Anything in general that is not audio hi-fi electronics

Turnaround/Current Estimated Waiting Times.

For Technics SL-1200MK2 (and subsequent models):
Waiting time for intake: 3 to 4 weeks
Turnaround: 1 to 4 weeks.

For most other items:
Waiting time for Intake: Depends on our current availability
Turnaround: Can be more than a month

In some cases, turnaround time may be longer depending on parts requirements and the delivery time for those parts etc.

About Us

We service/repair a wide range of electronic devices (mostly audio electronics) and we are Technics turntable specialists. We are a home run business located in Melbourne’s inner North (Coburg).

We PRIORITISE Technics 1200 turntable servicing & repairs. For our Technics turntable page click here.

PLEASE SEE OUR PRICE LIST for estimated service & repair fees. Or our Technics Turntable page for Technics 1200 Turntable servicing prices. Use our booking form to arrange a booking. Or send us a message on Facebook or email at help@electronicsrepairshop.com.au for general enquiries.

SEE OUR ONLINE SHOP to purchase parts that we have for sale.




We provide free estimates for all amplifiers and standalone turntables including Technics (this does not include radiograms). A bench fee may apply for an estimate on other items. See the Terms & Conditions page for more details.


A deposit for most services is not required, but we may require up-front payment for PARTS & EXTRAS. Depending on the circumstances some or most of this deposit may be non-refundable, such as if we require ordering special parts especially for your device.


If you require a job done urgently and want to jump the queue, you are required to pay a Rush Fee. More info on our price list page.