Battery Recommendations

Our Recommendations:

Alkaline AA/AAA/9V (non-rechargeable):

– IKEA Alkalisk (really long life and really cheap)! Outperforms standard Duracell and Energizer alkaline batteries!!! Cannot be ordered online, you’ll have to go for a drive to IKEA! Best to ask a staff member where to find them in the store…

We use these and so far we have not had a battery leak! Duracell on the other hand…

Warning: even though in our own experience these have not leaked, they most certainly would not be leak proof. Always remove batteries from your device when they have run out of charge or when you are not going to be using the device for a long time.

Lithium AA/AAA/9V (non-rechargeable):

– Energizer Ultimate Lithium. If you want a battery with the single most running time, then these are probably it. But they will cost you! Typically over 9 times the price per battery as an IKEA Alkalisk. So, not really as much bang per buck. However, you’re probably likely to NEVER see these leaking. Energizer claims that their batteries in general never leak and have a “No Leak Guarantee”, stating that they will replace your device if the batteries leak! However, we have seen standard Energizer Max batteries leak before, so go figure! We suggest don’t bother with Energizer Max, stick with Ultimate Lithium if you’re going to buy Energizer batteries.

Alkaline C/D (non-rechargeable):

– Not many choices for these sizes. But we’d probably choose Varta Longlife.

Rechargeable AA/AAA:

– Panasonic eneloop. Look for old stock SANYO branded ones, they’re better ones that are made in Japan (more reliable/longer lifetime). However, the eneloop pro batteries are still made in Japan. If you cannot find old SANYO ones then the newer Panasonic ones are still great and will do just fine.

Rechargeable Battery Charger:

– For the eneloop pro rechargeable batteries you will need a better charger than the eneloop stock charger. We recommend something from Nitecore or Xtar. Counterfeit Nitecore products are rampant, avoid buying on places like eBay, only buy from a trusted store such as Lite Shop

Button Cells:

– Any good quality Japanese made brand. We use Maxell. You can usually find these stocked in small computer shops.

– Panasonic used to be Japanese made but not anymore. Panasonic, I like your old stuff better than your new stuff!