Voltage Conversions

We can convert your audio equipment from international mains voltages to Australian 240V.

Typical device voltages by country:

– Europe: 220-240V (not necessary to convert, just may need the plug replaced with an Australian plug)

– Japan: 100V

– USA: 120V

An extensive list of world mains voltage standards can be found here:

If you are unsure take a look at the back of your equipment. It should say the voltage that it requires. Do not try to use a simple adapter before checking, you may damage your expensive or precious equipment! What you typically need to safely use your equipment (without a voltage conversion) is a ‘step-down transformer’. Some items like Technics 1200’s from Japan or USA do not typically have fuses installed, if you plug these into 240V with just an adapter there’s a high chance you will destroy the circuit board and could be looking at hundreds of dollars in repairs!

Please see our price list page for current pricing.