Turntables (Other)

We repair and service all sorts of:

Manual Turntables.

Automatic Turntables.

Stacker Record Players: These are typically BSR or Garrard branded turntables that may appear inside a radiogram console/cabinet labelled with another brand such as HMV, Kingsley, Kriesler etc.

As well as Technics, we service and repair a wide range of other brands of turntables/record players including:

Akai, AIWA, Audio Technica, AWA, BSR, Denon, Dual, Garrard, Hitachi, HMV, JH, Kenwood, Lenco, Linn, Marantz, National, NEC/GEC, Numark, Onkyo, Philips, Pioneer, Pro-Ject, PYE, Rotel, Sansui, Sanyo, Sharp Optonica, Sherwood, Sony, Sonab, Stanton, Telefunken, Thorens, Vestax, Yamaha and more.

Please refer to our price list for approximate pricing.