Tactile Switch 12mm x 12mm for AKAI MPC


Upgrade/replacement 12mm x 12mm x 4.3mm (5.8mm with standoffs) tactile switches. IP67 dust and liquid resistance. For AKAI MPC’s and some Technics 1200’s.

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Upgrade/Replacement 12mm x 12mm x 4.3mm (5.8mm including standoffs) tactile switches.
Compatible with the larger button switches on AKAI MPC’s.
These are upgrades to the original switches in AKAI MPC’s and are IP67 rated for dust and liquid resistance. These will likely survive a drink spill on them, however we do not recommend keeping your equipment running when they have liquid spilled on them!

These may also work with speed switches on some Technics 1200’s, mostly the older ones, but you will have to cut off the plastic standoffs at the bottom of the switches. They won’t usually be exaxtly the same height as the original switches used in the Technics 1200’s, in most cases they will be just a little bit higher and the 33/45 buttons will stick up just a little bit more than normal, however it will still be functional.

For some newer Technics 1200’s you will need 6mm x 6mm tactile switches. You can purchase those here: https://electronicsrepairshop.com.au/product/tactile-switch-6mm-x-6mm-for-traktor-kontrol-or-akai-mpc/