Prices shown are the base service and repair fee only unless specified otherwise. Extra prices may apply for additional labour and/or parts replacement.


TEST & TAG: $6 per tag

Amplifiers or Pre-amplifiers (Transistor): $350 to $500

Amplifiers (Valve/Tube): $500 to $600

AV Receivers: $550 to $600

Boomboxes: $300 to $600

CD Players: $350

CDJ’s (Pioneer): $180 + parts

DVD players: $180 to $350 + parts

Headphones: $70-120 for plug replacement and up to about $300 for other wiring faults.

Macbooks: $100 to $550

Microphones: $130 to $500

Mixers (Pioneer DJ Mixers): $180 + parts

Mixers (Other DJ Mixers & Audio Mixing Desks): $180 to $500 + parts

Multifunction Systems: $180 to $600 + parts

Power Supplies (Simple Linear): $100 to $250

Power Supplies (Switched Mode & Regulated): $400 to $500

Power Supplies (CNC systems, Computer, Apple iMac, PC Power Supply etc.): same as Switched Mode & Regulated above

PVRs: $350 + parts

Radiograms: $600 to $1200 depending on type and size (flat rate)

Radios/Tuners: $350 + parts

Studio Monitor Speakers: $350 + parts

Tape decks (Cassette Players/Recorders): $180 to $600. Replacement belts included.

Tape decks (Nakamichi Cassette Players/Recorders): $600.  Includes replacement belts and “orange drop” capacitors removed and replaced with more reliable capacitors. May be extra for other parts.

Tape decks (Cassette Multi-track Recorders): $600. Replacement belts included.

Tape decks (Open Reel 1970’s+): $700 (flat rate). The price includes new belts, new motor capacitors and new power cable.

Tape decks (Open Reel Pre-1970’s) $1,600 (flat rate). Old reel to reel tape decks always require a major overhaul, the price includes new belts, new pinch roller, replacement of all capacitors with modern good quality substitutes, new power cable and a few other extras. Replacement valves are generally not included but these do not often need replacing.

Traktor Kontrol S2/S4 DJ controllers: $180 + parts

Turntables (‘Dual’): $350 + parts

Turntables (most others post 1970’s): $180 to $350 + parts

Turntables (most others approx. early 1970’s and older): $500 + parts

Turntables (Stacker Changer Record Players with Radiograms) such as BSR & Garrard: See Radiograms (above)

Turntables (Technics 1200 and later revisions): $180 + parts (see our Technics page for more in-depth pricing on services/repairs for Technics SL-1200/SL-1200MK2 and similar revisions).

VCR’s (Video Cassette Recorders): $600 + parts

Video Mixers, Video Monitors and other video equipment: $350 to $600 + parts

VOLTAGE CONVERSIONS (Audio Mixers, Record Players, Tape Decks and some Amplifiers):

Prices of parts vary greatly depending on device requirements. An estimate can be given after your item has been looked at. Or contact us for more information.


A deposit for most services is not required, but we may require up-front payment for PARTS & EXTRAS. Depending on the circumstances some or most of this deposit may be non-refundable, such as if we require ordering parts, especially for your device.


If you require your item fixed urgently and want to jump the queue, for an extra ‘rush fee’ charge we can have it serviced/repaired sooner.  The maximum rush fee is double rate for same day turnaround.

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We Accept Bitcoin.